KARITE’ - Ingredienti

The sacred shea tree has been sharing its various gifts with countless communities in its native Africa for thousands of years. Its adventurous history is said to go back all the way to Cleopatra’s reign when the iconic, stunning ruler supposedly never traveled without her jars of the decadent butter. Besides being part of Cleopatra’s famous, luxury beauty routine, and long before it became a starring ingredient in many of today’s nourishing, natural skin care products, this special fruit has been treasured and well utilized by African cultures in numerous ways.

The shea tree's wood, for example, was said to have been used to make beautiful caskets for respected leaders, while its fruit and butter offered an essential source of nourishment and medicine for entire tribes. Its appreciation and significance in the African culture and economy continues through today, where shea butter is rightly known as “woman’s gold” as its production provides employment and income to women in 19 African nations.
The long, intensive process of bringing this fruit to its final buttery state requires much patience. Shea trees start to bear their first fruits only after a decade of growth, but once they start, they continue sharing their nourishing treasures with us for up to 200 years. After the fruits have been harvested, the nuts are removed, boiled, and extracted from their shells by hand. The containing seeds are crushed, roasted, and then beaten with water, which helps to release their famously rich fats that form into a butter.
This precious, smooth, and nutritive gift provides deep nourishment, leaving skin plump, soft, and protected. Its high content of healthy, anti-inflammatory fats are quickly absorbed, locking in the necessary moisture to ensure skin stays hydrated throughout the day. The antioxidant-rich phenolic compounds offer a great healing and soothing remedy for many inflammatory conditions, from sunburns to rashes, dermatitis, and rosacea. Shea butter’s dose of vitamins A and E are said to promote cell renewal and slow the signs of premature aging by reducing the exposure of oxidative stress in the skin. Shea Butter is said to also increase collagen production, thus restoring the skin’s natural elasticity and firmness.