MACADAMIA - Ingredienti

ne of my favorite Australian exports and nuts in general, macadamia nuts are also referred to as “Queensland nut” and “bush nut”, although I personally prefer the Aboriginal name “boombera”! The evergreen trees take up to 10 years to produce commercial quantities of nuts, but once they start, they can continue sharing their delicious gifts for over 100 years. Today, South Africa is the world’s leading producer of these popular, highly nutritious, and satisfying nuts, while its motherland Australia comes in second. My favorite way to enjoy this fatty, succulent nut, is through its golden, aromatic oil. It is not only a great choice to nourish your body from within, but its complex nutrient profile also fully satisfies your skin’s hydration cravings when applied topically. Macadamia has an exceptionally high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, which deeply hydrate and heal the skin. It’s known to be one of the highest sources of palmitoleic fatty acids, which are powerful antioxidants proven to delay skin from premature aging by protecting it from oxidative damage. With its perfect ratio of anti-inflammatory, regenerating omega-3’s and 6’s, it offers relief for dry and sensitive skin, especially inflammatory conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Another significant antioxidant found in macadamia nut oil is squalane. Naturally occurring in our own body, squalane is one of the most common fats produced by our skin cells and makes up part of our skin sebum that creates an amazing protective barrier - essentially like a second layer of skin. It not only offers protection from environmental aggressors but locks in the moisture to ensure skin stays hydrated. Unfortunately, our own production of this skin-wonder slows down as we age. Squalane-rich sources such as macadamia help us to replenish this incredibly supportive anti-oxidant, protecting the skin from oxidative stress and therefore decreasing and preventing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.