AMAMELIDE - Ingredienti

Native Americans were amongst the first people to recognize the incredible healing effects of this therapeutic plant and have been using it as a medical astringent for centuries to treat everything from sores and infections to wounds and acne. Witch hazel’s significant antiseptic powers come from the high amount of tannins found in its bark, twigs, and leaves. It has the great ability to tighten tissues, decrease excess sebum, and reduce inflammation and the appearance of scars. This explains why it’s also one of the most popular herbs to include in natural acne treatments. Witch hazel contains active therapeutic compounds, making this a healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, astringent, "magic water" that refreshes and calms skin while protecting against free radicals and DNA damage. Our distillate is alcohol-free to ensure your skin's natural sebum remains intact as it gently soothes and cleanses skin, helping to reduce blemishes and sweetly lull your delicate complexion. Sourcing note: Witch hazel's magnificent yellow winter blossoms grow abundantly in the wild woodlands of the northern United States. Our source is sustainably harvested in accordance with State Forestry Regulations to ensure environmental protection and forest regeneration is strictly adhered to.