Il Rituale

Il primo gesto del risveglio e l'ultimo della sera è la detersione. Detergi, Tonifica, Nutri, Rinnova, Cura il Corpo



The first action on waking and the last in the evening is cleansing. Cleansing your face is the fundamental step to refresh your skin, obtain a luminous complexion, and be ready to undertake the subsequent nourishing treatments.

I advise you to use oils, which can delicately remove impurities and hydrate the skin at the same time. My ideal solution is CLARA, which was created by mixing nourishing oils and precious hydrolates, in order to perfectly purify and clean your face and eyes, removing any kind of make-up.

How: shake well to mix the oil with the hydrolates and spray on a cotton pad, pass it softly over your face and eyes. I prefer a microfibre cloth, with a light peeling effect. Or the wonderful konjac sponge (which I’ll explain to you here). Repeat as often as you feel necessary.

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STEP 2 Toning is the king of our beauty routine. I always use it after cleansing and before applying creams and serums, but also during the day when I need to hydrate and soothe my skin, including over make-up. I recommend RE DI FIORI, my toner offering light and nutrition. Based on ylang ylang, which dissolves tension and brings you peace of mind, Re di Fiori purifies, hydrates deeply and elasticises the skin. How: spray at a reasonable distance from your face, tap with your fingertips to let all the precious ingredients penetrate deeply. Advice: use it on your hair too, to give tone and light, on your neck and cleavage.


STEP 3 It is cream which provides nourishment. For this reason it is important to choose the right one. Your cream must provide precious substances, protect, illuminate, improve elasticity, and manage to give you a new look within a lunar cycle. Is it possible that a cream can do all of this? The queen of my routine can. LA FELICITÀ CREAM is a precious and innovative serum and is the heart of my collection. If you try it, you’ll never be without it again. You will discover what having luminous and deeply hydrated skin really means. How: take a small strawberry-sized portion on your fingertips, gently spread it over your face from the centre towards the top, with a long final massage on your temples. Drink in its magic aroma, be carried away by its regenerative power and its immediate light. It will give you back your… Felicitous feeling.
La Felicità


STEP 4 As soon as you can, include masks and a scrub in your beauty routine for a deeper treatment. I use NERAPURA DETOX to eliminate toxins and impurities from my face. I love doing it above all when the seasons change or when my body is tired and weighed down, or after stressful periods. When Saturday comes, after a working week which has finished too late, I really need nourishment for my dull and lifeless skin. Then I use ROSSA RADIOSA to deeply hydrate and remineralise. How: in a bowl mix a spoonful of powder with the right quantity of hydrolates and steeped glycerine (a little more than a spoonful). Leave for 10 minutes then spread over your face. If you wish to prolong and increase the effect, you can spray Re di Fiori toner when it starts to dry out, thus rehydrating it. When it is dry, remove it with a cloth or lukewarm water.
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STEP 5 Lips are the most delicate and vulnerable part of your body and deserve constant care. My solution: constant use of ESSENZIALE, the nourishing balm, PREZIOSO, the lavish scrub, and a touch of beauty with PINK GOLD gloss. I never go out without ESSENZIALE, my nutrient-rich lip balm with UV protection. Spread it over your lips but use it also on any dehydrated areas: skin around nails, around the eyes, wherever needed. As soon as I can, I always use the wonderful scrub treatment PREZIOSO, with jojoba pearls and Brazilian butters. It is also a warming caress with its intense and sensual aroma. As with all AnnaB products, it is multifunctional: use it on your face too or on your hands, for new, luminous, and wonderfully nourished skin. Finally, the touch of beauty with PINK GOLD gloss, with its voluminous and hydrating effect. My concept of make-up is always associated with health and beauty. Butters, glycerine, and vegetal lanolin to nourish and enwrap. A precious pink pepper extract from the Indian Ocean to plump lips with a visible and beneficial beauty effect: it increases circulation and favours cellular renewal.
Lips care

Body care

STEP 6 Take care of yourself as a whole: the body is important and must not be overlooked. My skin was often dry and dehydrated, the more it was exposed. I have always really loved thick and nourishing butters, but equally I hated oily products which would leave marks on clothes. I invented a fast-absorbing butter, with specific ingredients such as mango and macadamia which have a deep effect and give you a pleasantly nourished, smooth, and healthy skin. And seaberry is perfect as a sun preparation and after-sun reparative treatment. Papaya provides a sweet, toning peeling effect. And its aroma is fresh and heady. Unforgettable. How: take a suitable quantity, for me the equivalent of a walnut is enough. Spread it over your body, starting from your feet and apply it in broad, free strokes towards the heart. Multiuse advice: use it also on your hair, as a nourishing balm.
Body & Hair Care