AnnaB was created out of a profound need: to rediscover the meaning of an everyday gesture, which has been repeated for centuries and is almost sacred, i.e. taking care of yourself, and doing it intelligently. The AnnaB range has been designed for problematic and mature skin, skin that has been weathered by city life, by polluting environments, by UV rays and also by insidious ultraviolet from tablets and smartphones. But also for those who simply want to nurture and re-establish a profound connection with their skin, our largest bodily organ. A range of natural products, with very accurate percentages set out on labels. And a precise commitment: No to controversial or undesirable ingredients. (Parabens and preservatives which could alter the endocrine system)/ Cruelty-free, not tested on animals (by law it should always be indicated. But I wanted to carry out a further check) /No to mineral oils, petrochemical products/ No to synthetic perfume (INCI name: parfum), only essential oils and the aroma which Nature gives the ingredients.

  • From Farm to Face

    Ingredients at the highest level, known and studied one by one, but above all effective. I want to introduce you to ingredients from distant countries (how much I love Amazonian butters, and the magical Tonka ...!) but also of places as close as possible to zero kilometer (like my Tuscan sea buckthorn, the basis of all the first line). The goal is the short supply chain, understood in this way: to know each producer and certify in person.

  • Transparency

    the door of my laboratory always wants to be open, to show you this experience of Beauty and Nature. I'll tell you when and why I use preservatives (all Cosmos and Ecocert approved), and what it means to make the various ingredients interact with each other. I'll explain when to use a product, and how to do it best, but also when not to use it.

  • Commitment to the environment

    Each AnnaB product is the reflection of this path, it is the aspiration towards a better way. Also in black / purple glass packaging: designed to protect its precious content, sustainable and reusable. Remember AnnaB products are multitasking: you can use them in a thousand ways, which I will recommend and which you, discovering new ones, will share if you like with me.

  • Promise of freshness

    In other words, small productions: perhaps an uneconomic choice, but in which I deeply believe. I enter the laboratory and produce almost on demand. I do it because I want to honor the integrity of every ingredient, of every plant and flower, that you find in your formulation, and thus give you their maximum effectiveness, as if it were a gourmet food for your skin, to be enjoyed freshly prepared.
    I encourage you to use the products as soon as possible, but I know there is no need to tell you because you will not be able to do without them! Nature is addictive, right?