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100% Pure mulberry silk pillowcase

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A silk pillowcase is a genuine beauty treatment which offers extraordinary benefits:

• it hydrates the skin by maintaining the right temperature
• it avoids micro-folds caused by friction which may turn into wrinkles, making the skin visibly smoother
• it is hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial
• it helps keep hair hydrated, avoiding a frizzy effect
• it does not absorb products, but enhances their action during the night

100% Pure mulberry silk pillowcase



La federa in seta è un vero e proprio trattamento di bellezza con effetti straordinari

idrata la pelle mantenendo la giusta temperatura
evita micro pieghe da attrito che possono trasformarsi in rughe, rendendo la pelle visibilmente più liscia
è ipoallergenica e naturalmente antibatterica
non assorbe i prodotti, ma potenzia l'azione durante la notte




Seta di Gelso pura al 100%



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